Yicheng Zhao – 双板 CISA 2

  • Level 2 CSIA certified ski instructor
  • 11 years of comprehensive skiing experience
  • Racing and downhill skiing experience
  • Specialized in teaching students of all ages, from toddlers to adults
  • Tailored and comprehensive instruction to elevate skiing skills

I have a deep love for skiing, and teaching others to ski is also my passion. The chance to share the joy of those special moments is something I truly value. I can’t wait to meet you all and share the excitement of skiing together!


Alice Zhao – 双板CSIA 1

开启滑雪于2020 年底的一次圣诞之旅,从此走上了痴迷于滑雪的道路上。 2022年获得CSIA 1 级双板教练证。


Starting skiing from a Christmas trip in 2020, fascinated about the skiing ever since then. Obtained CSIA level 1 instructor in 2022.

I do paddling in dragon boat, kayaking, canoeing, jogging, strength training, and swimming activities in my spare time.

I do hope to help more adults who never give themselves opportunities to learn skiing to pursue an enjoyable life. This is a worthwhile experience in life!

Jacob – ACA Racing Coach EL , FIS athlete

My passion is skiing. I have been skiing since I was two and love it so much. I began competitive racing when I was 12 and just recently stopped because I am now in university studying mining engineering at Queen’s.

In my last two years of racing I competed in FIS, which is at the international level, this has me racing against many other countries.