Ski Development Programs

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2023-24 Program Calendar and Pricing

Unique and efficeient course design

Skiing is a lifelong learning experience.  It takes dedication and practice to master high level skiing skills.  Fortunately the learning process is full of fun and personal acheivements,  and helps kids to grow and build a strong personality.

Our Ski Development Course defines a clear path for every student to master the key skills.  The courses are design uniquely by our most experenced coaches and instructors who will also be the course instructors.

Four Catagory of programs:

A student will be fit in one of the 4 programs based on level:

  1. Learn To Ski Program (LSP) – For those who just begin to ski
  2. Ski Improvement Program (SIP) – For those who can ski on blue runs but not fully parallel yet
  3. Race Ready Program (RRP) – Prepare younger kids (under 9) to join racing team later. Please Note: We do not provide racing program.
  4. Performance Carving Program (PCP) – For parallel skiers who want to further improve skills

In each program, we will group students with similar age and skills.  The maxmum instructor to students ratio will be 1:4 for LSP, SIP, or RRP; 1:5 for PCP kids; and 1:8 for PCP adults. We aslo regroup during the program to accommodate different student progress speed.


Rate: $50+HST / hour / student
Drop-in Rate: $55+HST / hour / student
Discounts are provided based on program hours.

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